We have always placed health over colour and invest in our dogs with testing, excellent diets and the best home environments.  Our dogs are our dogs, they are not breeding dogs.  They are active, beautiful dogs that bring immense pleasure.  Excellent off switches and a true ‘border collie’ desire to please.  ALL dogs are fully health tested and have hips/elbows done at the correct time.  Temperament is the #1 consideration when we select a match and it will continue to be.  We breed for family and sports and will continue to strive to produce healthy, well adjusted dogs who thrive.

All puppies are $3000.00.

A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your selection or your puppy.  The balance is due 48 hours prior to microchipping (if local or pickup) or 21 days before shipping of your puppy.

Shipping is booked with WestJet when puppies are born and flights are confirmed/paid for 30 days prior to travel.

Registered litters ( Ivy and Jax, 2022,  Ivy and Lizzie late 2022) will be registered with the ABCA.

Unregistered litters ( Lily & Lucy) are not registered and no papers will be provided.  To learn more about our specific dogs, please visit their profile page.

Pricing reflects increased costs due to decisions we have made regarding how we are raising the puppies and is due to our desire to provide the best environment for our puppies through the early stages while with us, it also included increased costs with our decision to breed with champion dogs and the cost that is associated with this.

Our puppies are raised on the best foods, DHD supplements and complimentary introduction classes on our Farm in Langley.  We are also continuing our learning and growth both with our lines and in continuing education classes in Genetics, Whelping and best Training Practices.

Our puppies are not in a barn, they are not off in another room.  Our puppies are whelped as part of our family and it does make a difference.  They begin socialization the moment they are born and we are actively engaged in every aspect of their development.  The last 3 weeks we are with them a minimum of 15 hours a day and we do everything to ensure they are familiar with crates, pens and well rounded with limited areas to cause unneeded stress or anxiety.

Our breeding crew eat RAW, are supplemented and we continue to work to ensure they are the healthiest they can be.  We do not skimp on Veterinarian assistance, tests, blood panels, etc. to ensure they are in the best health to produce healthy, well rounded puppies.


If you’re interested in our upcoming litters, please fill out our questionnaire and we will be in contact with you to advise of availability.!

Our 2022 litters are currently full.  2023 deposits are being accepted based on your requirements (i.e. any litter versus specific mating’s).



  1. Health Guarantee against all genetically testable Border Collie known diseases
  2. Veterinarian Health Letter
  3. First shots
  4. Dewormed
  5. Microchipped
  6. Puppy Pack
  7. Puppy Food
  8. Revolution Flea/Tick Protection prior to going home at 8 weeks (if puppies are born in Quebec)
  9. LIFETIME Breeder Support

We also provide a introduction course taught on the Farm in Langley and this is dependent on the number of puppies in a litter that will be homed in the lower mainland.  We give you overviews on the breed, introduction to basic training and tips and tricks to make the puppy days ahead enjoyable for you and your puppy!


Puppies expected



Is a border collie for you?


I’ve been blessed to be a part of several groups on Facebook for the past 5 years, especially our ‘Westcoast-Border Collies page” that is only possible because of the love Carmen has for the breed and her girl Maya.

I have witnessed first hand how this breed CAN be integrated into city life, responsibly and with so much love.  This breed is much more adaptable than many will give them credit for.  They DO require a busy mind but don’t mistake that for having to run 5 miles a day.  You’ll do them and yourself a disservice by thinking that way.

Several of our dogs are working dogs, on farms and within typical environments.  They have excellent herding skills (and sniff skills as Riley excels in this area) but we also have several in normal, city homes or homes where they will be busy with sports and agility.

Border Collies require mental stimulation and to be honest, ours are much more tired (and quiet!) when we are doing mental work (trick training, mental games – find your toy – Riley knows each and everyone one and when I ask for Piggy, she brings Piggy – not Froggy or Fishy, Piggy!)

They thrive with activity and love love love a good hike, they are also more often than note ball obsessed (to the point where you will most likely have to set rules to ensure they learn an off switch).

Yes, they do have an off switch.  With training and consistency, these dogs can also hang on the couch and chill with you.  Expect kisses (there lickers!) and love but they can and do thrive in normal environments when provided the right mix of activity an mental stimulation.

I also am aware that there are many out there that will not home a puppy to a “first time owner”.  That is such a myth!  We screen our parents very well and we’ve been blessed with several ‘first time owners’ , two ‘first time dog owners’ and you know what?  They researched the breed and we’re more than prepared to welcome their fur babies.

So while the Border Collie is certainly not for everyone, we focus on the individuals and not necessarily their ‘experience.

We do have a ‘must return to us’ policy for all of our dog owner’s and that ensures we will never see one of our dogs in a shelter and also shows how seriously we take their placement.



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