Our Love Child 😉

Lily is Jax and Riley’s daughter and was born May 24th, 2020.  At the time we knew it was either Riley’s last litter or her 2nd last and it was time to hold a puppy back in order to carry on Riley’s line (which is and will remain our primary goal)

Lily is mostly her Mom, she is a confident very cuddly girl and reminds me of her Mom.  She hasn’t been introduced to any livestock but she is rocket fast and loves to jump (despite my attempts to keep her on the ground).  She was a easy puppy and is a easy adult, she’s sweet and hasn’t really exhibited any ‘bad’ traits other than the occasional sock!

She’s a looker and has this way of sitting very ‘queen’ like which is funny because it’s so ‘stringent’ but it’s her thing.  She has been genetically tested and will have her preliminary hip check soon.

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