Willowcreek Border Collies | Lily

Lily, Riley & Jax’s love child.

Lily,  (Riley & Jax)

May 24th, 2020

Lily, Riley and Jax’s love child

Willowcreek Border Collies | Lily.  Lily  born to Riley and Jax on May 24th, 2020. She was the first pup in a pack of eight, and her entrance into the world was quite the adventure!

These pups decided to show up  early on day 60, ideally we like to see them arrive a couple days later. Lily, had a beautiful shimmering silver coat, and initially I believed she may be a dark Lilac, but as she dried off, we realized she was a beautiful chocolate. The decision to hold her back was really instant and I just knew, she was the one that would be staying and joining our family.

Lily’s a real socialite, always down for a doggy get-together. She’s got a bit of her dad, Jax’s, stubborn streak, but most of the time, she’s just a chill and lovely girl.

She’s already blessed us with 14 adorable puppies across three rounds of parenthood. And we’re expecting her fourth and final litter to arrive sometime late 2024 or early 2025.

To date (Spring 2024) Lily has given us 3 litters, here are just some of her offspring.  Lily will have one more litter (Winter/Spring 2025) and she will be pairing with Denver (Boston/Tessa), together they will be able to produce Tri, B/W, Brown/White, Blue/White and Lilac/White.

This will be Lily’s last litter as she moves into retirement.

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