What is a responsible dog breeder?

Our Commitment to Offspring: The Willowcreek Must Return Clause

What is a responsible dog breeder?  The #1 thing you should be focused on with anyone claiming to be a ‘responsible’ breeder is their contract and must-return clause.  Any breeder suggesting they are responsible, or talking to you about the importance of titles and glossing over this, is 100% blowing smoke.  Responsible breeders, are just that, they are responsible for the well being of puppies first and foremost.  Supporting those that ignore this, is supporting the growing issues we see in rescues.  Willowcreek Border Collies is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a border collie puppy or any puppy for that matter, please please please choose responsibly.

At Willowcreek Border Collies, our dedication to the health and happiness of our dogs extends beyond their time with us as puppies. We understand that life can bring unexpected challenges, and we want our puppy parents to know that we always have their back.


The Willowcreek Border Collie Puppy/Dog Must Return Clause:

Life is unpredictable, and circumstances can change in ways we may not anticipate. At Willowcreek Border Collies, we acknowledge and respect the various challenges that may arise throughout the course of a dog owner’s life. That’s why we’ve instituted the Must Return Clause in our contracts, a responsible approach that puts the well-being of our dogs first.


Key Elements of the Must Return Clause:


  1. Lifetime Commitment: Our contracts require puppy parents to agree to return their dogs to Willowcreek at any time durinWhat is a responsible dog breeder?g the dog’s life if they find themselves unable to care for their furry companion. This commitment underscores our dedication to ensuring that each puppy/dog bred by Willowcreek receives the best care throughout their lifetime.
  2. Approval for Rehoming: In situations where rehoming becomes necessary, we require that the process be approved by Willowcreek. This ensures that the transition is smooth, and the dog is placed in a loving and responsible home. We carefully vet potential new owners to ensure they align with our values and commitment to the welfare of the dogs.
  3. Consistency Through Contracts: Any new owners approved for rehoming a Willowcreek Border Collie will be required to sign the same contract that the original puppy parent agreed to when purchasing the dog. This ensures a consistent standard of care and commitment to responsible dog ownership.
  4. No Rescue or SPCA Involvement: At Willowcreek, we take pride in our commitment to our dogs and their well-being. Our Must Return Clause guarantees that our dogs will never find themselves in a rescue or SPCA facility. Instead, we actively participate in the process of finding suitable and loving homes for our dogs should rehoming become necessary.


Why the Must Return Clause Matters:


  1. Lifelong Security: The Must Return Clause provides our puppy parents with the reassurance that, no matter what life throws their way, their dogs will always have a secure and caring place to call home.What is a responsible breeder?
  2. Responsible Breeding: Our commitment to the Must Return Clause goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to responsible breeding. It ensures that every dog bred by Willowcreek is a lifelong priority, and we stand by our commitment to their well-being, for the entirety of their life.
  3. Transparent Partnership: We believe in transparent and supportive partnerships with our puppy parents. The Must Return Clause fosters open communication and trust, creating a community where the best interests of our dogs are at the forefront.


Our Must Return Clause embodies our unwavering dedication to the lifelong well-being of our dogs. All responsible breeders have a must return clause so when you ask ‘ What is a responsible dog breeder?” that should be the first thing on the list of their commitments. For Willowcreek it’s a testament to our commitment to responsible breeding practices and the belief that every dog bred by Willowcreek deserves a lifetime of love and care. We invite our puppy parents to embrace this unique clause as a symbol of our shared responsibility for the welfare of our Border Collies puppies and dogs.

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