Willow Creek has grown significantly in the last 4 years and unlike many breeding programs, our dogs are our family.  We do not rehouse them once they have retired.  They are our girls (and boys) and we are first and foremost committed to them.  We believe you build that bond early and if you’re like us – not something that can be broken.

Knowing this, we needed to look to a Guardianship program in order to grow.  Guardianship is not for everyone, please give serious thought to the arrangement before committing to it.

The basics:

Whether it is a male or female, Guardianship means we retain ownership until that dog has retired from our breeding program.  For Females that will be between 4-6 litters, for Males, that will mean 7 years.

If your are homing a male, it will mean we have access to him as needed and we will provide a minimum of 72 hours notice.  We will be responsible to pickup and dropoff your dog.

For females, it will mean that she is mated with our chosen sire and she will come to us for approximately 7 weeks for whelping and raising of the babies.

Our commitment to you, we cover all breeding related tests, x-rays and expend any costs associated with the breeding (e.g. sire fees), we will also cover all annual vaccinations.

Your commitment to us, the dog will be available as agreed, you will maintain  deworming and you will hold pet insurance (we recommend Trupanion however you are welcome to purchase from whichever company you choose) and you will contact us immediately if any health issues or injuries occur.

You will pay a discounted rate at the onset of the agreement, this ensures are costs our covered should something unforeseen happen to the pup in your care.

We are different in that, if you have a female – we will pay you a per puppy fee per puppy sold on each successful whelp.

Once the female has successfully whelped 2 litters, you may then opt to whelp her on your own and in that case, you would receive a percentage of the net cost per puppy.

Males will get a small siring fee.

All puppies MUST be homed through us, using our puppy parent screening (even if you choose to whelp after the first 2 litters).  All puppies are sold on non-breeding contracts as ( A Willow Creek Puppy Contract) with the same requirements we have for all our dogs.

At the end of our agreement, ownership of the dog will be transferred to you and we will pay for neutering/spaying at that time.



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