Breeding partners program

Breeding partners program. Willowcreek is built on two things. Commitment to our Dogs and our Families. Our program reflects our commitment to health, temperament, and ethical breeding practices, maintaining the family-oriented environment we’ve cultivated over the past 7 years and continuing to build on what we have built.

While our approach involves retiring dogs within our family and that will never change, we also recognize the need for growth to ensure our lines remain strong and viable for years to come. We also have very specific expectations for anyone wanting a breeding dog from us, and to date, we have only sold one dog on a breeding contract. Moving forward, we will not be selling breeding rights, however, we are interested in speaking with Breeders or New Breeders who would like to partner with us, building their breeding program based on our principles and begin (or grow) with our lines.

We are currently interested in breeding partners in the USA,  BC (Island/ Okanagan) Central Canada (MB, SASK) and Eastern Canada (QC, NFLD, NS, NB) and are only looking for  1 in each location.

Our breeding partners program is very detailed and will ensure our dogs legacy’s continue to thrive.  It also gives new breeders an opportunity to learn and grow through the early years of starting a breeding program with established lines, and breeding practices that ensure quality families and critical support.

If you are interested in learning the details of our breeding partners program, please send me a message with your goals, experience and anything you feel will assist us each in determining if we are a good fit.

Breeding partners program