Willow Creek Border Collies are committed to our own dogs and each and every dog we home.

Our contracts are typical of any reputable breeder and have the following terms incorporated.


1. ALL Puppies are sold on a non-breeding contract.  We do occasionally sell a breeding puppy however that is to reputable known breeders only and require a breeding contract rather than our regular contract.  Please contact us for more information.

2. Puppies are sent home with a health certificate and first shots.  We guarantee the health of our puppies against parvo, ill health ( anemia, iron deficiency), worms, and CEA.  We send you home with a certified healthy puppy.  We do recommend that you have your own Veterinarian do a full physical within 72 hours.  Your puppies health and development is important to us.  At 12 weeks, you are required to have your puppy checked for CEA (Eye anomaly).  We have no reason to believe your puppy will not pass this test, if it does not, please contact us immediately and we will address your options at that time.  We have produced three lines  that are now 3.5 years and 1.5 years old and 6 months respectively, no puppy has had any issue in any area of health.

3. Deposits are non-refundable.  When you commit to a puppy or a selection preference, we are holding your space/puppy and that means we are not engaging any inquiries.   Please ensure you have made a committed, informed decision.  Should a situation arise where it is not feasible for you to take the selected puppy, we will allow you to use the deposit on a further litter.

4. Once you leave with your puppy, all payments are non-refundable.  Should you have a change of heart or be presented with a situation that is beyond your control, you must contact us to assist you in re-homing the puppy/dog (this can be at 1 month or at 10 years).  Our dogs are NEVER to be re-homed without our knowledge.

We are here to help you and to ensure our dogs never end up in a rescue, human society or an unhealthy home environment.  We will take responsible to re-home any our of dogs at no cost to you.

5. We request that all parents wait until puppies are 18 months to be spayed/neutered.  We firmly believe that this breed needs full development time for optimal health.  On very rare occassions, a medical issue may require early spaying but this are extremely rare and we ask that you do not spay to ‘fix’ a problem.  Spaying or neutering does not ‘fix problems’.  Having said that, it is your responsibility to ensure your dog does not reproduce and is easily achieved.  Please contact us if you have any questions as to how to ensure that does not happen.

6. We provide lifetime support.  What does that mean?  It means we’re here for you and your dog.  If you have a training issue, need direction/advice or if you require boarding services, we are here.  We do have a boarding fee however all training support is 100% free and we will assist you wherever and whenever we can.

Have a question that we haven’t covered?  Contact Us


  1. Veternarian Health Letter
  2. First shots
  3. Dewormed
  4. Microchipped
  5. Puppy Pack
  6. Puppy Food

We also provide a 3 day introduction course taught on the Farm in Langley.  We give you overviews on the breed, introduction to basic training and tips and tricks to make the puppy days ahead enjoyable for you and your puppy!


Fall 2020 mating expected.




Is a border collie for you?

I’ve been blessed to be a part of several groups on Facebook for the past 5 years, especially our ‘Westcoast-Border Collies page” that is only possible because of the love Carmen has for the breed and her girl Maya.

I have witnessed first hand how this breed CAN be integrated into city life, responsibly and with so much love.  This breed is much more adaptable than many will give them credit for.  They DO require a busy mind but don’t mistake that for having to run 5 miles a day.  You’ll do them and yourself a disservice by thinking that way.

Several of our dogs are working dogs, on farms and within typical environments.  They have excellent herding skills (and sniff skills as Riley excels in this area) but we also have several in normal, city homes or homes where they will be busy with sports and agility.

Border Collies require mental stimulation and to be honest, ours are much more tired (and quiet!) when we are doing mental work (trick training, mental games – find your toy – Riley knows each and everyone one and when I ask for Piggy, she brings Piggy – not Froggy or Fishy, Piggy!)

They thrive with activity and love love love a good hike, they are also more often than note ball obsessed (to the point where you will most likely have to set rules to ensure they learn an off switch).

Yes, they do have an off switch.  With training and consistency, these dogs can also hang on the couch and chill with you.  Expect kisses (there lickers!) and love but they can and do thrive in normal environments when provided the right mix of activity an mental stimulation.

I also am aware that there are many out there that will not home a puppy to a “first time owner”.  That is such a myth!  We screen our parents very well and we’ve been blessed with several ‘first time owners’ , two ‘first time dog owners’ and you know what?  They researched the breed and we’re more than prepared to welcome their fur babies.

So while the Border Collie is certainly not for everyone, we focus on the individuals and not necessarily their ‘experience.

We do have a ‘must return to us’ policy for all of our dog owner’s and that ensures we will never see one of our dogs in a shelter and also shows how seriously we take their placement.



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