Breeders often emphasize the significance of titles, arguing that dogs without them are unworthy of being bred. However, we hold a different perspective. Two, three decades ago, breeders sought to distinguish themselves from ‘Backyard Breeders,’ and titles were considered an added value. Back then, acquiring titles was more challenging, but we believe titles don’t necessarily determine a dog’s trainability or suitability for breeding.

While some may perceive us as anti-titles, that’s not accurate. We simply don’t prioritize titles in our breeding decisions. Comparing it to humans, you can have athletic parents with a child uninterested in sports, or vice versa. Family dynamics can be diverse, such as fit children born to parents who struggled with weight. The key factor for us is temperament, not titles.

Just as a child’s profession can vary from their parents’, our focus is on the temperament of our dogs. If they are biddable, calm, confident, free from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety, they are likely to thrive with a dedicated owner. Our dogs exhibit these qualities – they are biddable, owner-focused, and confident. Some may be observant without being nervous, and certain lines may lean towards athleticism. Regardless, all our offspring are fully capable, and titles have no bearing on their abilities.

As breeders, we are passionate advocates for our dogs. We applaud competition and take pride in the commitment our owners demonstrate through time, effort, and financial investment to foster unique relationships with their dogs. Titles, to us, are mere adornments, while our offspring enjoy the occasional ribbon. Ultimately, our focus remains on the intrinsic qualities of our dogs rather than external accolades.

With all that being said, we have several dogs with successes to share, proving to those that really struggle with our views on Titles that there is so much more to success than the breeding pair having Titles. In our experience, the essence of a successful breeding program lies in the inherent qualities and temperament of the dogs, rather than the titles they may or may not possess.

Here are just a few up and coming Willowcreek dogs in the competition ring!


Pie, Erika L. Piper/Jax 2021

Disc: K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League — 2022 Canis Magnus — 2022 Spring Canis Magnus — 1st place Toss & Fetch League championship over al, UpDog — 1st over all, Funkey 1st place ,2 x Frizgility 1st place, Time Warp 1st place, Four Way Play 1st place , Spaced Out 1st place, Novice Champion 2023 — Novice Champion 2022. Pie is registered as a B.A.R.K. Therapy Dog at UBC-Okanagan.


Pie serves as a shining example of the positive impact of dedicated training and responsible breeding. Not only has Pie achieved success in numerous disc events, but she is also a certified therapy dog. This versatile beauty, is capable of seamlessly transitioning from high-energy activities to therapeutic interactions, and is a testament to Erika’s unwavering commitment.

Upcoming in 2024: Last year marked the inception of Kelowna’s first Disc Dog Club, igniting the UpDog scene in the region. Now equipped to host a variety of events like training sessions, tournaments, workshops, and trials, the club is gearing up for a dynamic year.

Pie, is already registered for three trials and a couple of workshops. The ambitious target is to secure high placements, with hopes of earning an invitation to the PNW Championships, an event our club is proudly hosting this year!

Since Pie was just under a year old, we’ve been diligently training with CODAC, the local agility club. Eligible for trials only at the end of last year, we participated in one event. The plan for this year is to delve into various course types, explore our preferences, and, of course, accumulate some Qs!

Style, Boston/Tessa 2023

Trialing starts in May

Short term really is ring exposure in various locations and proofing skills before we even start to think about trialing (although we did a couple fun matches already). We have more handling seminars coming up and I want to get contacts and weaves solid.

I like the UKI style courses and there’s more and more uki stuff happening on the island now

Our very own Ivy & Brenda

Trialing starts in May

Brenda and Ivy started on their journey into sheep herding last year, initially focusing on honing their skills. Ivy excelled in this endeavor, and now they are gearing up for their first trials with the CKC this spring.

Harley & Bailee

Trialing starts in May

Harly (Tessa/Boston 2023) is part of our young, growing group that will be entering various competitions and sports in 2024.  She has successfully passed her instincts test and will now start the journey of preparing for trials in 2025.

Mako & Chelsea

Trialing starts in May

Mako (Tessa/Boston 2023) is part of our young, growing group that will be entering various competitions and sports in 2024.  Chelsea is an experienced handler working with her crew on the regular basis.  Follow her for tips, videos, lots of great content!

Her plans for Mako, trialing in competitive obedience and rally in the next few months and gaining a few titles by the end of the year.

Riley & Karen

Trialing starts in May

Riley is from Riley & Jax, her last litter and carries her name.  Born in 2022, they are just getting settled into various activities.

Rally obedience since last spring, advance obedience classes to maintain our manners and be around dogs of all ages and breeds at different levels of training.  We completed out CGN, Canine Good Neighbor, test last June and passed and they are currently on the waitlists for trials with sheep and St John’s therapy program.
Hermes & Jennifer

Trialing starts in May

Hermes is from Tessa/Boston 2023 and is just now starting out in agility fundamentals

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