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Puppy Pricing

While we fully understand the importance of price, if it is the first solo question you ask us, we will decline your application.  The price of a puppy is nothing compared to the cost of properly caring for your new family member.  Starting the conversation with ‘how much’ tells us you have not fully considered the health & temperament importance and have taken little time to really consider the lifelong (sometimes pricey) commitment bring a dog home can be.

Our pricing is inline with the time, energy and commitment we have to EVERY dog we own or have produced.  We give up travel, family events and far more than people would be aware of.  We are always available to our families and our parents, there is no off time when you are a breeder.  Our costs, have risen in some cases over 200% since we started breeding back in 2017.  Providing quality food and care for all our dogs who are or have been part of the program remains our top priority.  Caring for your puppy means the best care for their Momma’s and for them as they grow and develop in our homes.

We have and always will place HEALTH over COLOUR.  Our dogs are our actual dogs, they enjoy a normal life in our homes and are active, beautiful members of our families.  All dogs are fully health tested and hips/elbows are tested when age-appropriate.  We continue to strive to produce the healthiest, best-tempered Border Collies for family & sports environments.

Pricing reflects increased costs due to decisions we have made regarding how we are raising the puppies and is due to our desire to provide the best environment for our puppies through the  early stages while with us. This includes Purina Pro Vet Formula Puppy (Medium Breed), DHD supplements and complimentary introduction classes on our Farm in Langley.  We are also continuing our learning and growth both with our lines and in continuing education classes in Genetics, Whelping, and best Training Practices.

Our puppies are not in a barn, they are not off in another room.  Our puppies are whelped as part of our family and it does make a difference.  They begin socialization the moment they are born and we are actively engaged in every aspect of their development.  For the last 3 weeks, we are with them a minimum of 15 hours a day and we do everything to ensure they are familiar with crates, and pens and well-rounded with limited areas to cause unneeded stress or anxiety.

Our breeding crew eat home-cooked, are supplemented and we continue to work to ensure they are the healthiest they can be.  We do not skimp on Veterinarian assistance, tests, blood panels, etc. to ensure they are in the best health to produce healthy, well-rounded puppies.


All puppies are sold on a non-breeding contract.  Breeding agreements are available, please contact us for more information.


A $500.00 non-refundable reservation fee is required to hold your selection or your puppy.  The balance is due upon the selection of your puppy.


Shipping is booked with WestJet when puppies are born and flights Shipping fees are due 30 days prior to travel (when flights are booked).


  1. Veterinarian Health Letter
  2. First shots
  3. Dewormed
  4. Microchipped
  5. 1 complimentary month of Trupanion Health or 6 weeks Breed Secure Insurance
  6. Puppy Pack
  7. Puppy Food

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