Willow Creek Border Collies

We are currently expecting our next mating in the Fall of 2020





Our love for our Border Collies starts here.RESPONSIBLE BREEDING IS OUR NUMBER 1 PRIORITY

Willow Creek Border Collies is now an established breeder, with 4 strong lines and two exceptionally beautiful, healthy litters.  We have focused on temperament and quality since we decide to breed and could not have imagined we would be blessed with such quality.  We can thank Riley for that.  Our first girl has amazing genetic’s and has produced a rainbow of colour all with her amazing temperament.  Her story and our story continues…

Meet Our Family


Our 3 amazing girls gave birth to 21 puppies between the three of them! We were blessed with healthy puppies and our girls have thrived.  All puppies are going to amazing homes and our family is growing!

We expect a mating in late 2020 between Lucy and a beautiful ee red boy in Ottawa.  Our preselection for this litter is full.  If you would like to go on the general waitlist, please fill out a puppy application.  


Starting in August, we will be partnering with Bianca (a certified dog trainer and owner of Bianca’s dog care).

Bianca owns one of our puppies from Piper’s litter (Izzy!) and has graciously offered all Willow Creek dog owners discounted rates.

Classes are held on our farm in Langley, with ample room for proper social distancing.

You can also benefit from private lessons or if needed, Zoom lessons.  Either way, we’re thrilled to have her join us and our family!


Important informationJOINING OUR FAMILY
How We Started

We never ‘planned’ to become breeder’s, that is the truth.  It all started with such a strong love for Riley.  She is the most amazing girl you could want.  She is incredibly smart, has a great sniff ability and is truly a magnificent dog.  

When we set out to mate Riley, it was simple – we wanted her line to stay alive and we wanted to ensure we had one of her offspring.  We didn’t know she would produce the amazing temperaments she did, nor did we know she would carry the recessive genes.  We did not test to ensure color and we truly didn’t care.  We wanted healthy, well tempered dogs and that is exactly what we achieved. 

Our PuppiesThe Basics

Our puppies are vet checked, dewormed, micro-chipped, have first shots, and are well socialized in a family setting.

We are also transparent and easily accessible to answer any questions. Where we place our pups is extremely important to us.  When inquiring about our pups, we would like you to share a bit of you including if you understand the needs of the breed and what their home environment will be like.

Yes. We will only accept deposits that we feel we will be able to fill on the upcoming litter.  If there are several people looking for the same dog ( e.g. A female ee Red, we will only take a maximum of 3 deposits on the litter).  If you are more flexible and have several choices, if we are able, we will take a deposit.  Deposits are accepted when we feel we can accommodate the selection in the upcoming litter.

We can never guarantee a certain gender or colour will be born but we do our best to accommodate and deposits ensure you have your pre-selection prior to those on our regular wait list.

Should we not have the puppy you wanted at pre-selection, your deposit then moves to the top of the next litter based on the position it was initially in (i.e. spots 2 and 3 successfully have a puppy, you move to #1 on the next litter).

If we have two litters and cannot meet your requirements, a refund of your deposit is offered.

WAIT LISTS are not guaranteed.  Once pre-selection has occurred (around 4 weeks), we then move to our wait list in the order/preference available.

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  Our Sire, Jax is a registered purebred with the CBCA .  Our females are not registered as Riley was a working border collie and there was no need to register them.  We will provide a full DNA panel on our females to ensure no cross breeding has occured as well as lineage/heritage information.

The only real need for registration is show, sports and agility do not require registration and it is primarily used to ensure no inbreeding has occurred.  With DNA now readily available, producing those results (in our opinion) are more important than papers that cannot prove anything (other than the litter was registered with certain dog ‘numbers’ as the sire/dam.

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Our dogs are fully screened prior to mating and are health tested.  We also have ensured there is no cross breeding as our Females come from British Columbia (sired by a papered Australian Red) and by a Quebec papered boy.  Puppies come with a clean bill of health certificate from the Vet and we do guarantee against CEA.

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