Willowcreek Border Collies | Tavish

Tavish, our youngest stud.


CBCA Registered

Willowcreek Border Collies | Tavish

Willowcreek Border Collies | Tavish, Tavish, our youngest sire at the age of 2. Tavish is a lighthearted and playful soul, with a carefree spirit that brings joy to all who encounter him. His friendly nature extends effortlessly to other dogs, creating a relaxed  atmosphere in his presence.

Tavish is the cuddliest of our sires. He has an undeniable love for belly rubs, with a highly sensitive and biddable disposition, Tavish is the ultimate people pleaser, effortlessly creating connections with those around him.  In the realm of Border Collies , Tavish stands out as a with his exceptional balanced temperament, siring pups that are stable, confident and truly lovely.

Willowcreek Border Collies | Tavish


To date (Spring 2024) Jax has sired over 100 puppies, here are just some of his offspring.

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