There are many trainers and even more ‘training’ preferences.  It’s critical that you find the right one for you and that you put importance in training and development.

Brenda and I appreciate the positive approach (often done with treats), having said that we also firmly believe that obedience is a development tool that should be done without treats.  You really don’t want your dog listening to you because of what’s in your pocket.  There will be times when you will not be close enough for this to be effective and traditional training (non treat) is a critical component of having control and confidence in your ability to control your dog in all situations, including dangerous ones.


Langley and Lower Mainland


Ray Underwood

If you are lucky enough to be in the area, Ray Underwood is our go to.  Brenda has trained Ivy with him and fully supports his training methods.  He is not a full ‘treat trainer’, he is a balanced trainer with extensive experience with our breed and a deep love of training in general.

Classes are weekly and they are done drop in style allowing you a bit of flexibility.

UNDERWOOD’S DOG OBEDIENCE – Underwood’s Dog Obedience (


Fraser Valley


Southpaw Dog Training

Ryan is joining our family this year as a guardian to one of our sires and we’re thrilled to have him.  Ryan offers obedience as well as introduction to Agility.


South Surrey/White Rock


Bianca’s Dog Care

Located in White Rock, we have had the pleasure of knowing Bianca since she became a parent of Izzy, one of our little girls back in 2020.  Bianca offers regular puppy obedience, teen obedience as well as assessment’s and private one on one training.

Dog Trainer | Bianca’s Dog Care Dog Training and Behavioural Consulting | Surrey (

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