Border Collie Puppies For Sale in Ontario and BC


Border Collie puppies – Summer 2024

Ivy/Tavish  BC- This pairing has mated and we expect puppies mid-march.  Sable only litter – 2 SPOTS LEFT

Lizzie/Jax Early Spring 2024  BC- 1 spot left

This litter is full and we expect no movement.

Tessa/Jax Spring/Summer 2024 ONTARIOFULL

Border Collie puppies – Summer 2025


We will only have two litters available in 2025


Ivy/Tavish – summer home time BC – 3 spots

Tessa/Boston – summer home time Ontario – 3 spots

2025 will be a very small year for us as our girls have retired and we are making transitions.  Tilly, our youngest will be breeding in 2026 however the decision to breed both Ivy and Tessa will be made in late 2025 and if they are bred, it will be their last litters as both will be retiring.  We do not over bred any of our girls and we ensure they have many years to enjoy life away from puppies and big bellies.  We will limit reservations on both of these litters to 5.


We can never guarantee colours, nor can we specify when a female will go into heat.  Heat cycles vary between 6-10 months.  Genetics tell us the possibility of each mating however it is always up to mother nature.

You are always more than welcome to pass on a litter however, you’re deposit will always be passed on to the next upcoming litter (if there was a price change, that will be reflected in your new selection).

We will never tell you, you must take a dog however if you have your heart set on a certain colour please be prepared to wait, refunds are not given simply because a certain colour hasn’t been produced.  We encourage you to focus on temperament and allow us to find the right match for your lifestyle.

Our Selection Process


Everyone is provided a selection number or the order of which they will select once a litter is on the ground and parents are confirmed.

Selection # does not mean you can just pick any puppy.  We ask you to keep in mind at least 2 (Ideally 3) puppies that you are interested in and we will assist you in the selection process.  We know our dogs, we know the temperaments a pairing will produce and it’s important that you focus on temperament over looks.

We typically allow for your first choice but it is very important that your puppies temperament matches your goals and needs for your lifestyle.  We have been doing this a long time and have successfully placed over 70 puppies through 5 years with only 1 returning to us.  That says something, we know what we doing for a successful match.  We are very communicative through the entire process and we can often accommodate your first choice but it is not guaranteed.  Our first priority is our puppies and matching them to the right forever home is critical to them and you – it is also critical to us, we wouldn’t be successful if our pups weren’t properly matched and you must trust that we do know the right matchups.

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