Willowcreek Border Collies | Lizzie

Lizzie,  California meets Vancouver.


June 5th, 2021

Willowcreek Border Collies | Lizzie

Willowcreek Border Collies | Lizzie.  Meet Lizzie,  co-owned with Tara who came in with Tessa back in 2021. Lizzie is Tessa’s sister, and she’s all about spreading love to humans. You can often find her in her mom’s studio, welcoming anyone who comes her way.

With a medium drive and a highly adaptable nature, Lizzie is a lovely girl who thrives on spending time with her people. Whether it’s a wagging tail or a friendly nuzzle, she knows how to make everyone feel right at home.

Willowcreek Border Collies | Lizzie


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