California Love.....

Lizzie and Tessa are sisters, coming from Valor (Ivy’s Dad) and Sage.  Born in June of 2021, they arrived here in Canada in August and have captured our hearts.

Yosemite Ranch (retired and closed in 2021), produced Player,  Recess Cup and multiple other agility stars.  Player, a USA Champion Agility star who still competes today in Senior Agility sat at the top of the Agility field for years. Known for their athletic abilities, this line has exceptional coordination skill and thrives in a sports environment.

Tessa is a ee red carrying ghost sable, dilute and Merle.  She is the only dog in our program capable of Merle pups.

Lizzie is a beautiful Black/White girl who also carries the dilute blue gene.

Both girls will mate with Jax at the end of 2022.

We’ll get some better, older pics of them here shortly but below are pup pictures and pictures of their beautiful parents.

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