Our breeding pack is quite frankly, stunning and we’re are so proud of each other.  They have amazing temperaments and are truly a part of our family.  With the addition of Ivy and two new girls arriving in August 2020, our breeding program continues to improve and we are thrilled with the new prospects.

Our original line ( Farm from the island) is an un-registered line.   They are health tested exactly the same way our registered girls and sires are – there is no difference, regardless of what some may say.  We know their lines going back over 7 generations and all our dogs are guaranteed to be 100% Border Collie.

Our registered lines include Jax, Ivy, Tessa & Lizzie.  All puppies from these matings will be ABCA registered and have all genetic testing, including EAOD, as well as hips and elbows, done.

We are thrilled with the progress of our program and as it grows we continue to focus on our dogs and their overall health and wellness.

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