Lucy is another of Riley & Jackson’s offspring.  Born May 11h, 2017 she’s just two years old and she’s full of life!

This girl is incredibly adaptable and the only vocal one in the pack.  She likes to tell you stories!  She’s super sweet and very much the emotional side of the breed.  For her, life on your lap would be perfect – that is if she was 10lbs instead of 45!

She has her Daddy’s frame and build.  Just a tad bit shorter than Riley, she has a squared, very solid frame and loves to jump and extend herself as much as possible wherever possible!

She’s been untested in herding and while her eye isn’t as sharp as her Mom’s (Riley excels here), she has very strong protective instincts and will herd anyone near or around Riley.  She’s a super fast learner and is a typical pleaser.

She’s stunning in the looks department and has the best features of her Mom & Dad.

Physically, she is extremely strong and is heavier than Riley.  She weighs in at 44lbs.