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WILLOW CREEK BORDER COLLIES | Are your dogs registered?

Jax, our male is CBCA registered.  Our girls are going thru the rather challenging process of being registered.

Riley was mated with a Australian registered ee Red (Jackson and Riley’s litter)

Riley’s dad is registered however Riley’s Mom was a true farm girl (circling the herding competition circles).  She was not registered as a true farmer girl and we are currently working to receive registration for Riley which will allow us to register her offspring (Lucy & Piper) and any consecutive litters that occur.

We have also completed a DNA test that we will make available on this website to confirm that they are in fact the truest of Border Collies.

As things progress with the registry we will update this and notify all previous owners of any changes or the ability to register.


A little ‘paper history’.  The Canadian Border Collie Association was formed less than 25 years ago.  Prior to 1984, Border Collies were not a ‘recognized breed.   Once CBCA was formed, ‘registering’ border collies was really only possible if you had a dog from the USA, England or Australia as Canadian lines had no ‘papers’ to register.

As things have progressed dogs born in Canada have been able to be registered however, there are dozens of excellent, working lines that did not ‘qualify’ to be registered.  Our girls line is one of those.

Embark Breed testing for Breeders allows us to prove scientifically that our dogs are 100% Border Collie.  It also allows us to look at the inbreeding and ensure it is at the recommended % before mating our girls.

In late 2021, we will have a registered female and will have papered litters beginning in 2022, having said that we will continue to breed our line as they have proven time and time again to have exceptional temperaments with exceptional health.  The two things we strive to achieve and build on.

WILLOW CREEK BORDER COLLIES | Do you require a deposit?

We do.

A $500.00 deposit is required. Please note that deposits to reserve a puppy are Non-Refundable. In any unforeseen circumstances, any monies paid towards a pup in advance are non-refundable  BUT can be used towards a future litter us.  Please do not expect a deposit returned because you have purchased another puppy from another breeder or if you have changed your mind. A deposit means that we are holding a puppy for you and have turned others away.

WILLOW CREEK BORDER COLLIES | How are your puppies re-homed?

We take placement of our puppies very serious.  We do screen potential parents to ensure they understand and can successfully support a Border Collie.  We DO NOT pre-judge based on your past experience or your living conditions (i.e. in the city).

Some of our best homes hands down have been first time owner’s (of the breed and of dogs!) and we have witnessed first hand the love and successful living of border collies within city environments.

We do our homework and we are personal in that respect.   We have a very firm clause for all puppies:


This is critical as we will never see one of our dogs in a shelter or an unworkable/unsuccessful living environment.


All puppies are sold with the following contract

Non-breeding, dogs must be spayed or neuter agreement.  

For sport dogs, please contact us and we will ensure we write a clear and detailed contract to allow you to leave them open(without breeding rights).

You are not allowed to re-home the dog under any circumstances without contacting us.

WILLOW CREEK BORDER COLLIES | What do your puppies come with?

All puppies are sent to their forever homes with

  • Non-Breeding agreement
  • Puppy pack with all the essentials to get you started.
  • Deworming – at least three using Strongid T
  • Veterinarian Health Clearance
  • Age appropriate vaccines
  • Microchips
  • Lifetime Breeder Support

WILLOW CREEK BORDER COLLIES | Do you ship to other provinces?

We do, we are happy to ship and will provide all options for that to successfully happen.  Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Please note:  All puppies shipped from Toronto or BC must be paid in full prior to travel.

WILLOW CREEK BORDER COLLIES | How does it work if I'm in BC and the litter is in Quebec?

When a litter is born we will decide a one-day travel date to BC.  This will occur once the puppies are 8 weeks and have had their vet examinations and necessary shots.  Shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer and can range from $200.00 -$400.00 or higher depending on location. The typical destination (Toronto to Vancouver) is currently $300.00 inclusive.

Other destinations

This will vary depending on the flights and airline.  Typically it is about $300 plus you will also be responsible to purchase your travel crate.  Any additional fees (i.e. Required Vet Letters or additional Vaccines) will be discussed with you and are in addition to the cost of the puppy.

You are always welcome to pick up your puppy (at the farm in Aldergrove or the farm in Ontario). 

Is a border collie for you?

I’ve been blessed to be a part of several groups on Facebook for the past 5 years, especially our ‘Westcoast-Border Collies page” that is only possible because of the love Carmen has for the breed and her girl Maya.

I have witnessed first hand how this breed CAN be integrated into city life, responsibly and with so much love.  This breed is much more adaptable than many will give them credit for.  They DO require a busy mind but don’t mistake that for having to run 5 miles a day.  You’ll do them and yourself a disservice by thinking that way.

Several of our dogs are working dogs, on a farms and within typical environments.  They have excellent herding skills (and sniff skills as Riley excels in this area) but we also have several in normal, city homes or homes where they will be busy with sports and agility.

Border Collies require mental stimulation and to be honest, ours are much more tired (and quiet!) when we are doing mental work (trick training, mental games – find your toy – Riley knows each and everyone one and when I ask for Piggy, she brings Piggy – not Froggy or Fishy, Piggy!)

They thrive with activity and love love love a good hike, they are also more often than note ball obsessed (to the point where you will most likely have to set rules to ensure they learn an off switch).

Yes, they do have an off switch.  With training and consistency, these dogs can also hang on the couch and chill with you.  Expect kisses (there lickers!) and love but they can and do thrive in normal environments when provided the right mix of activity an mental stimulation.

I also am aware that there are many out there that will not home a puppy to a “first time owner”.  That is such a myth!  We screen our parents very well and we’ve been blessed with several ‘first time owners’ , two ‘first time dog owners’ and you know what?  They researched the breed and we’re more than prepared to welcome their fur babies.

So while the Border Collie is certainly not for everyone, we focus on the individuals and not necessarily their ‘experience.

We do have a ‘must return to us’ policy for all of our dog owner’s and that ensures we will never see one of our dogs in a shelter and also shows how seriously we take their placement.



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