Riley is the ‘queen’ in our pack.  If it wasn’t for her, well – we wouldn’t be here.  She is the best of the border collie pool.  Truly.  She is everything you know and love about the breed, extremely intelligent, a big big big pleaser, non aggressive, non destructive and truly a love.

She has very strong herding skills and while she hasn’t been on sheep as she’s a ‘home girl’, she regularly uses her skills on Lucy and Jax!  She has a very strong eye that tells you everything she’s thinking and can move a bear (I’m sure!).  She also has a very strong sniff ability and if I’m ‘sorry’ about anything it is that we didn’t expand on that area.

She comes from working gene’s. Her mother Ella has successfully completed several herding competitions in the lower mainland and her Dad has farm experience as well (now retired and enjoying the good life!).

In terms of physical, Riley has the agility body type.  She is long, lean and incredibly fast.  While she has gained weight in years 3/4, she was a small border collie and weighed no more than 28 lbs prior to her first litter.  She’s now 4 and has a few more pounds but still sits under the 40lb mark.

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