You will need a good chew!  NO QUESTION 😉


We do NOT RECOMMEND ANY “BONES”, not soup bones, not smoked bones from the pet store, no bones.  The truth is, they are dangerous to your pup (and their teeth).

Both Brenda and I have learned from experience in this area.  Much like everyone else we thought soup bones were fine or small marrow bones were fine (take the marrow out! It’s a great source of vitamins but keep the bone away from your pup or dog).

Riley is a result of my lack of knowledge and thankfully I stopped giving her soup bones at about 4 years however her teeth are badly worn down and as age starts to creep in, dental work will be required.

Lily a young puppy visited a friend who gives bones, she got a hold of a soup bone and cracked a tooth at 12 weeks.

Ivy had a soup bone stuck on her mouth and required a very patient vet tech to dislodge it.

I can go on and on but here is the thing, We don’t eat soup bones and if we did chances are we would damage our teeth.  Dogs teeth are very similar to human and they have far more jaw strength than we do, meaning more pressure on the teeth.

Just don’t do it, there are so many other better options.

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