Riley & Jackson | Born May 11th, 2017

STATS | Riley, Tri Purebred Border Collie | Jackson, EE Red Purebred Border Collie (papered)

Both Cleared for CEA and Hips. Riley also had a full panel done prior to mating.

This is where it all started.  We decided we wanted to ‘clone’ Riley, her personality, temperament.  We wanted to have a playmate for her and we were really just looking for the same in disposition.

I also had my Tri border collie.  I adore her and wasn’t looking to replace her, In the perfect world, I wanted a ‘different look, if possible.

We did not do genetic testing, we simply found the perfect mate.  Jackson was soft, sweet and very calm.  A gorgeous ee Australian Red Border Collie and he was the perfect match.  Whether we got ‘colour’ or not, we were very happy with the pairing.

Riley is comes from a very strong working farm line, it was unlikely that she carried the ee gene necessary to reproduce the ee red, so our initial thoughts were temperament and finger’s crossed a look that would be different than our girls.

It turns out that not only does she carry the ee gene, the dilute/red gene is very strong.  She delivered 6 puppies.  1 B/W, 2 EE Reds and 3 Chocolates.

We didn’t see that coming!

Riley’s delivery was very easy and she was a great Mom.  That was 2 years ago and this fall, Riley will be mating with Jax (our new blue male).  We’re looking forward to the same temperament and a beautiful litter that could potentially have blues as well as reds & chocolates as it’s in both their genes.

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